Transfer systems

Transfer systems produced by H&T Produk­tion­sTech­nologie are designed for different press instal­la­tion situ­a­tions due to their modular design. The user can adapt the systems flex­ibly to any forming process thanks to the option of linear- or servo- driven transfer axes or a combi­na­tion of the two.

For multi-func­tion presses specif­i­cally (produc­tion with transfer and progres­sive dies), our system follows a rail-to-rail design. This approach provides compact inte­gra­tion of feeding and lubri­ca­tion systems.

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Blank loaders

New or avail­able presses can be equipped with blank feed systems to achieve flex­ible forming processes. Depending on the require­ments, the user is able to feed contoured blanks in the transfer mode. This system can be inte­grated opti­mally in your indi­vidual process flow.

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Blank feeders

For existing blank feeder systems using conveyors, blank shut­tles by H&T Produk­tion­sTech­nologie make it possible not only to accel­erate part feeding but also to provide feeding in the correct order and optimal lubri­ca­tion of the blank to be formed.

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Assembly automa­tion

At H&T Produk­tion­sTech­nologie, we develop and manu­fac­ture assembly systems for subassem­blies. These systems are highly auto­mated, and combining indi­vidual oper­a­tions results in extremely effi­cient output rates.

Use of our assembly systems and units makes it possible to increase part quan­ti­ties and reduce the cost of personnel at the same time.

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