Many years of produc­tion know-how

Mechan­ical presses that are mainly used as multiple-die presses are char­ac­ter­ized by a cam-driven ram. The specific cam contour enables a dwell time in the DCs (dead centers).

This drive provides optimal precon­di­tions for tooling tech­nolo­gies in parallel oper­a­tions in the fields of blanking, drawing or trim­ming. The modular press design makes it possible to easily imple­ment the tech­nical para­me­ters as required in the specific case of appli­ca­tion.

These presses are equipped with servo strip feeding systems of various designs and mechan­ical or servo-transfer systems. The die carrier system that accom­pa­nies the press is specif­i­cally customized for the user’s require­ments.