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The col­lect­ed data is used for inter­nal pur­pos­es only (for the pur­pose stat­ed here). A trans­mis­sion or pass­ing on to third does not take place. Please note the Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy

Our range of ser­vices and sup­port com­pris­es:

  • Spare parts and repair ser­vice
  • Pre­ven­tive main­te­nance and repair
  • Ser­vice on site
  • Machine state analy­sis and opti­miza­tion based on the lat­est remote ser­vice solu­tions
  • Retro­fit solu­tions for longer ser­vice life and enhanced per­for­mance for: Mul­ti­ple-die press­es, trans­fer press­es, trans­fer and feed sys­tems


  • Devel­op­ment of mul­ti-axi­al con­trol and dri­ve solu­tions for ser­vo appli­ca­tions based on Schnei­der PACDRIVE 3 and SIEMENS SIMOTION + SINAMICS
  • Retro­fits for SIBEA projects, such as press­es with auto­mat­ic sheet- or strip feed­er sys­tems, direct seal­ing and roll form­ing machines
  • Con­trol retro­fit / exten­sion for inte­gra­tion into com­plex plant con­trols
  • Staff train­ing / qual­i­fi­ca­tion
  • Retro­fit of advanced remote ser­vice solu­tions
  • Inte­gra­tion of exist­ing machines in advanced data net­work struc­tures

We have a glob­al pres­ence and deliv­er to coun­tries such as:
USA, Mex­i­co, Sin­ga­pore, PR Chi­na, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Czech Repub­lic, Aus­tria, Sau­di-Ara­bia, Bel­gium

Hot­line: +49 (0) 3762–707-577
E‑Mail: service@ht-pt.com