Trans­fer Sys­tems

Trans­fer sys­tems pro­duced by H&T Pro­duk­tion­sTech­nolo­gie are designed for dif­fer­ent press instal­la­tion sit­u­a­tions due to their mod­u­lar design. The user can adapt the sys­tems flex­i­bly to any form­ing process thanks to the option of lin­ear- or ser­vo- dri­ven trans­fer axes or a com­bi­na­tion of the two.

For mul­ti-func­tion press­es specif­i­cal­ly (pro­duc­tion with trans­fer and pro­gres­sive dies), our sys­tem fol­lows a rail-to-rail design. This approach pro­vides com­pact inte­gra­tion of feed­ing and lubri­ca­tion sys­tems.

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Blank Load­ers

New or avail­able press­es can be equipped with blank feed sys­tems to achieve flex­i­ble form­ing process­es. Depend­ing on the require­ments, the user is able to feed con­toured blanks in the trans­fer mode.

This sys­tem can be inte­grat­ed opti­mal­ly in your indi­vid­ual process flow.

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Blank Feed­ers

For exist­ing blank feed­er sys­tems using con­vey­ors, blank shut­tles by H&T Pro­duk­tion­sTech­nolo­gie make it pos­si­ble not only to accel­er­ate part feed­ing but also to pro­vide feed­ing in the cor­rect order and opti­mal lubri­ca­tion of the blank to be formed.

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Assem­bly Automa­tion

At H&T Pro­duk­tion­sTech­nolo­gie, we devel­op and man­u­fac­ture assem­bly sys­tems for sub­assem­blies. These sys­tems are high­ly auto­mat­ed, and com­bin­ing indi­vid­ual oper­a­tions results in extreme­ly effi­cient out­put rates.

Use of our assem­bly sys­tems and units makes it pos­si­ble to increase part quan­ti­ties and reduce the cost of per­son­nel at the same time.

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