Using machines by the H&T Pro­duk­tion­sTech­nolo­gie, met­al bel­lows can be pro­duced from sin­gle- or mul­ti-lay­er tubes with var­i­ous man­u­fac­tur­ing tech­niques for a wide range of appli­ca­tions in dif­fer­ent busi­ness lines.

More­over, we man­u­fac­ture spe­cial-pur­pose machines accord­ing to the customer’s require­ments, mod­i­fied for the required part quan­ti­ty, dimen­sions, and accu­ra­cies.

The tech­niques imple­ment­ed are:

  • Hydro­form­ing
  • Elas­tomer form­ing
  • Mechan­i­cal expand­ing
  • Roll form­ing

Met­al bel­lows from 12 to 5.000 mm diam­e­ter can be pro­duced on these machines.

Machines for cor­ru­gat­ed hose pro­duc­tion

Ful­ly auto­mat­ed man­u­fac­tur­ing of flex­i­ble met­al tubes (cor­ru­gat­ed hoses) by con­tin­u­ous, hydraulic express­ing seg­ments by seg­ment.

  • Machine of the “WSM“ type in hor­i­zon­tal design
  • Form­ing of cor­ru­gat­ed seg­ments with sev­er­al cor­ru­ga­tions per shap­ing
  • Cor­ru­gat­ed seg­ments and cylin­dri­cal seg­ments can be pro­grammed in arbi­trary sequence
  • Auto­mat­ed tube feed­ing
  • Auto­mat­ed deliv­ery of fin­ished parts on roll table for man­u­al removal
  • Man­u­fac­tur­ing of cor­ru­gat­ed hoses up to 6.000 mm length (depends on nom­i­nal widths)
  • Ingo­ing mate­r­i­al length from 2.000 to 13.000 mm
Diam­e­ter16 – 80 mm
Wall thick­ness0,15 – 1,0 mm

Hydro­form­ing (Hydraulic extru­sion) machines

High-yield machines to pro­duce met­al bel­lows.

  • Machine series “APMY
  • Com­plete form­ing by hydraulic inner pres­sure (hydro­form­ing)
  • Sleeves/ bel­lows are man­u­al­ly removed and insert­ed
  • Diam­e­ter-relat­ed die plates
  • Cor­ru­ga­tion of a com­plete met­al bel­lows in one oper­a­tion
  • Pro­duc­tion of sin­gle- and mul­ti-lay­er bel­lows
  • Up to 30 cor­ru­ga­tions per bel­lows
  • End con­tour by means of spe­cial­ly-shaped sup­port­ing die plates
  • Com­bi­na­tion of straight tube seg­ments with cor­ru­gat­ed seg­ments
Hydro­form­ing (Extru­sion) machinesAPMY 100APMY 100 S
Diam­e­ter range40 – 100 mm14 – 100 mm
Wall thick­ness0,2 – 1,2 mm0,2 – 1,2 mm
Inner pres­sure200 barto 500 bar
Max. tube lengthto 1000 mmto 1000 mm

Elas­tomer form­ing machines

Machines to pro­duce met­al bel­lows for com­pen­sators from tubes, for small to medi­um batch­es.

  • Machine series “APME
  • Shap­ing of sin­gle cor­ru­ga­tions by widen­ing the elas­tomer
  • Low-cost dies
  • Hor­i­zon­tal design
  • Fin­ished tube lengths of max. 600 mm
  • Cor­ru­gat­ed hose seg­ments and cylin­dri­cal seg­ments can be pro­grammed in arbi­trary sequencer
  • Dif­fer­ent cor­ru­ga­tion height val­ues can be man­u­fac­tured with­in a sin­gle bel­lows
APME 100APME 250
Diam­e­ter40 – 120 mm80 – 250 mm

Expand­ing machines

Machines for small and medi­um-sized batch­es to pro­duce met­al bel­lows from tubes for com­pen­sators.

  • Machine series “EXPAN
  • Form­ing of indi­vid­ual cor­ru­ga­tions by means of a mechan­i­cal expand­ing tech­nique
  • Sen­sors to iden­ti­fy bel­lows edges, motor-con­trolled re-adjust­ment of the mount­ing table height
  • Inte­grat­ed swiv­el motion of the basic die to avoid pres­sure marks
  • Sta­ble weld­ed steel con­struc­tion for instal­la­tion in the machine pit (plat­form also alter­na­tive­ly pos­si­ble)
  • Pro­fil­ing of indi­vid­ual cor­ru­ga­tions by fol­low-up pro­fil­ing on the pro­fil­ing machine of the PRM type
  • Rapid and easy die change

Basic dies can be adapt­ed in a cus­tomized man­ner to the diam­e­ter range required; with­in this range, the easy exchange of form­ing seg­ments offers great flex­i­bil­i­ty.

EXPAN 500Expan 1600Expan 3000
Diam­e­ter100– 500 mm350 – 1600 mm1400 – 3000 mm
Wall thick­ness1×0,3 – 5×1,0 mm1×0,5 – 6×1,0 mm1×1,0 – 6×1,0 mm
Cycle time / cor­ru­ga­tionca. 30 – 45 sca. 30 – 45 sca. 45 – 90 s

Pro­fil­ing machines

  • Auto­mat­ed pro­ce­dure
  • Exchange parts of sim­ple design
  • Axi­al feed­ing of the pro­fil­ing rollers dur­ing pro­fil­ing pos­si­ble
  • Adjustable bel­lows mount­ing
PRM 800PRM 1600PRM 3000
Diam­e­ter100 – 800 mm350 – 1600 mm1400 – 3000 mm
Wall thick­ness1×0,3 – 5×1,0 mm1×0,5 – 6×1,0 mm1×1,0 – 6×1,0 mm
Bel­low mount­inghor­i­zon­talhor­i­zon­talver­tikal