For exist­ing blank feed sys­tems with con­vey­ors, blank shut­tles pro­duced by H&T Pro­duk­tion­sTech­nolo­gie make it pos­si­ble not only to achieve high­er feed­ing rates but also to enable trans­port in the cor­rect order and opti­mal lubri­ca­tion of the blank to be formed.

The fol­low­ing fea­tures char­ac­ter­ize blank feed sys­tems:

  • Pick-up and trans­fer of one/ sev­er­al blank(s) from robot or feed sys­tems
  • Lin­ear axes with one/ sev­er­al feed­ing slide(s)
  • Ser­vo dri­ves to para­me­ter­ize indi­vid­ual motion pro­files, for instance when pass­ing a blank lubri­ca­tion unit
  • Sin­gle- or mul­ti-axis sys­tems with trans­fer units depend­ing on the require­ment for indi­vid­ual cycle times
  • Direct trans­fer of the blank(s) in the cor­rect order into a trans­fer, feed­er robot sys­tem